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This document pertains to the websites maintained by Air Chek, Inc, herafter known as "The Radon Information Center".

The Radon Information Center is maintained as a public service. While every effort is made to provide accurate and complete information for The Radon Information Center, various data such as state contact names, telephone numbers, etc. may change prior to updating. THIS DATA IS PROVIDED AS IS.

All charts or maps are a representation of actual radon test results in a given area based on data provide to the maintainers of The Radon Information Center from their own data, the US EPA, and other sources such as state and county health departments. The distributions in this chart or map are not comprehensive and may be inaccurate, especially in areas with limited testing results. The maps,charts, and aggregate data should not be used to determine if a home in a given area should be tested for radon. The US EPA recommends that all homes be tested regardless of geographic location.

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