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PM1703M - Product Description

A highly sensitive radiation detector

The PM1703M is a "cell phone" sized highly-sensitive radiation detector designed for first responders and anyone needing to find low levels of radioactive materials. See the PM1703M in action


Unlike common geiger counters, the PM1703M contains a highly sensitive photodiode CsI(TL) scintillation detector that senses only gamma emitting materials. It has enhanced sensitivity to the radon-producing elements that are commonly found in natural products like granites, marbles, and even concrete.

It has been programmed and tested by Air Chek's engineers to quickly identify low levels of radon producing elements found in natural materials.

The instrument has an internal vibrator alarm that is adjustable in the field. The unit's detector is ultra-sensitive to the elements that produce radon gas, like those that may be found in natural stone products like granite countertops. Therefore, in some cases the alarm threshold will need to be raised when scanning some of the more exotic granite counter tops. Setting the alarm threshold is very simple and takes less than a minute. Everything needed is included with the instrument

Because it was originally designed for those working in the area of radiation emitting equipment (eg, X-ray technicians), it has an internal data-logging function that constantly monitors radiation exposure. The device will communicate with an IR-equipped PC for downloading the recorded data. It also allows administrators to set certain instrument parameters. (However, those who are only interested in locating radioactive materials will have little use for these extra features.)

No Longer Available

PM1703M Specifications

Display shows: uR/h (microR-per-hour) and % error in reading (lower % equals higher accuracy)
Measurement Time: 1/4 second
Alarm type: Silent vibration and/or audio tone
Power: One AA battery. (Life expectancy is 800 up to 2,000 hours with Lithium cells)
Data collection: 900 data points
Water Tightness: Meets IP67 requirements
Drop Test: 30 inches (0.7 m) to concrete surface
Dimensions: 3.4 in. X 2.8 in. X 1.2 in. (87 mm X 72 mm X 32 mm)
Weight including battery: 6.3 oz. (180 gm)