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We recommend this book for homeowners and professionals, alike.

Protecting Your Home From Radon

A Step-By-Step Manual For Radon Reduction, Second Edition

By Doug Kladder and his team of experts at Colorado Vintage (ISBN# 0-9639434-0-5)

At last! A book that answers homeowners' typical questions and walks them through the process of reducing the nation's number one indoor health hazard, RADON.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1
An overview of the Health Effects of Radon

Chapter 2
Confirming That You Have Tested for Radon Properly

Chapter 3
Radon Entry and An Overview of Reduction Techniques

Chapter 4
How to Reduce Radon in Homes that are Completely or Partially Built Over Crawl Spaces

Chapter 5
How to Make Use of Existing Water Drainage Systems to Reduce Radon

Chapter 6
Sub-Slab De-pressurization

Chapter 7
De pressurization System - Fan and Piping

Chapter 8

Chapter 9
Combining Radon Mitigation Systems Together Where More Than One Foundation Type Exists

Chapter 10
General Safety Precautions

Chapter 11
New Home Systems

Chapter 12
Getting Help From Contractors