Initial Approach

A Citizen's Guide to Radon pamphlets can be obtained on the web at An electronic version can be emailed for distribution to staff and hard copies can be printed for distribution to parents.

When to Test

The EPA recommends that testing be performed in the colder months (i.e., October-March) when the required closed-building conditions are more likely to be maintained. It is also recommended that testing take place during the school week, so that HVAC settings are operating normally. Air Chek provides our ProChek 2-4 day test kits for school testing programs and recommends a test length of 3 days so that the test kits can be delivered and analyzed quickly.

Pro Chek Radon Test
Pro Chek Radon Test

For example, test placements performed on a Monday can be retrieved on Thursday and returned to our laboratory via standard overnight courier service for Friday analysis. This combination allows for an optimal sampling period as well as the most accurate results due to the short time lag between the end of test and the laboratory analysis. You should also verify that unusual or severe weather is not predicted during the scheduled test period. For the purpose of radon testing, severe weather is defined as winds exceeding 30 miles per hour or severe storms expected to last more than 12 hours.

What Rooms to Test

The basic guidance states that measurements are to be made in all frequently occupied rooms in contact with the ground. (See the exhibits for details.) These rooms include classrooms, offices, labs, cafeterias, libraries, auditoriums and gymnasiums. Rooms larger than 2000 sq. ft. require additional radon tests. Rooms that do not need to be tested are rest rooms, hallways, stairs, elevators, utility closets, storage areas, and the kitchen. Ground contact means any room over a crawl-space, slab-on-grade design, or in the basement.

Quality Control Spiked Samples

Contact Bowser-Morner as early in the project as possible to determine the most convenient spiking schedule and costs. You can reach Pam Kilburn at Bowser-Morner by calling (937) 236-8805 x259.