Placing Radon Detectors in a Room

It is advisable for two people to work as a team during device placement and retrieval activities. The radon test kits are shipped to you in sequential serial number order. One team member should be in charge of selecting the test kits from the box in sequence and opening the packet for deployment while the second completes the data log form, which contains the test kit placement information including the room number, location within the room, and the date/time each test is started. The person opening the kit should also write the room number on the test kit as a back up. Using the radon test kits in sequence will simplify the documentation requirements of your project.

The ProChek test kits are deployed in a manner so that the test kit hangs by the plastic hook, located adjacent to the 7-digit serial number. Once the square foam is inserted into the opening in the end of the test packet, it can be suspended by a piece of string, fishing line, or thumbtack. Crease the flat side of the test kit slightly as shown below and insert the foam filter into the squared opening so that the foam is flush with the edge of the kit. Write the room number on the test kit. A convenient placement location is from a thumbtack on a bulletin board near the teacher's desk in a way that the opening of the test kit is not obstructed.

Placement reminders

Place the radon tests... At least one radon test should be placed for every 2000 square feet of floor area if there are large areas to be tested. This is helpful when testing in gymnasiums, auditoriums, and cafeterias with large open areas. An on-line demonstration for opening and closing the test kits can be found at by following the link to the "Animated Instructions" in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Ending the Tests

After 3 days have elapsed you should return to the school and retrieve the kits in the approximate order in which they were deployed. One person takes down the kit, removes the plastic hook, discards the foam filter, and seals the test kit shut by removing the waxy strip and pinching the kit closed. The second person should be recording the ending date and time on the data log while making observations that need to be documented in the comments column, such as tampering of the kit, the test kit was missing, or the windows were open upon arrival.

Once all kits are sealed and the hooks removed, the kits should be placed into a box and returned to the laboratory immediately. The best case scenario is to use standard overnight courier services to return the devices to us for next day analysis. Some schools prefer to save on the cost of return shipping and opt for 2-day shipping options. Regardless of the method chosen, you should ensure that the kits arrive in our laboratory no later than 4 days from the date that the tests ended

Sending the radon tests to the laboratory