Use of the Data Log Forms

Blank data logs should be obtained from Air Chek in order to create a record of the test kit placement and retrieval records. The data logs can be obtained by e-mail ( or downloaded from in the Documents section. The data log holds data for 20 kits per page, so make plenty of copies for each testing project. Again, we advise that you work in pairs during the placement of the kits. One person will complete the data logs while the other person is removing the test kit from the plastic packaging, inserting the foam filter, recording the room number on the kit and hanging it at the chosen location. There is no need to write the test address, dates and times, floor or temperature on the test packet.

The original data logs should be taken back to the school when the test kits are being retrieved at the end of the test so that all of the test data will be kept together. The completed data logs will be used to create an Excel spreadsheet that will be e-mailed to Air Chek prior to analysis. In fact, the spreadsheet should be created once the tests are all started in order to save data entry time at the end of the tests.

Spreadsheet Submission

Make sure that you have an electronic copy of the spreadsheet (xls file) that we provided to your contact person in our database. Once the data from the written logs has been transferred into the Excel spreadsheet, the completed spreadsheet should be e-mailed to The spreadsheet needs to be received at Air Chek by noon the day the test kits arrive for analysis because the spreadsheet contains the data that will be used to determine the final radon concentrations as well as the data for the report.

Electronic Datalogger

For those clients that will be performing five hundred or more tests Air Chek offers a data logger which can be used instead of a spreadsheet. The data logger stores the facility name, building name or number and room designation and automatically records the dates and times that you start and end each test using the internal clock. When you're done each day, simply connect a phone line to the modem and dial Air Chek using a pre-programmed toll free number. The data is uploaded to our lab computers. The Air Chek scanner also has an option to download the data to a Personal Computer, which allows the data to be sent to Air Chek using your email program. The Air Chek Data Loggers are loaned to you for each project. Call us at (800) AIR-CHEK (247-2435) for more information.