Your project report will need to contain more than just the radon test results. In addition, the final report should describe weather condition, a description of any device tampering that was noticed, follow-up recommendations, and any additional pertinent information. Air Chek will supply you with the final radon test results.

The test report formats and delivery methods are set up at the time of sale. The Air Chek reporting system is triggered by the test kit serial numbers, so as they arrive for analysis an automated system creates and delivers the reports the day the radon test kits are analyzed, Monday through Friday. Although the laboratory operates on Saturdays, the test report distribution will not occur until the following business day.

School test reports are distributed via e-mail in two formats. The first format is an .xls file that can be used to search for and correct typos in items such as the school names and room numbers. An .xls file is a spreadsheet format used by Microsoft Excel. If you do not have Microsoft Excel and do not have a spreadsheet program that can open .xls files we can also send your reports to you as a .csv (comma separated value) file. These files can be opened by almost all spreadsheet programs. When errors are found, the spreadsheet can be returned to Air Chek via e-mail for corrections. The formal report is transmitted as a PDF document. Once the final PDF file has been received, we recommend that you print one copy that will be stapled to the original handwritten data logs and maintained in an official testing file at the school or designated facility.