This School Testing package is a service from Air Chek, Inc. and is useful with our ProChek 2-4 day activated charcoal test kits. The basic elements described in this package are consistent with US EPA radon testing protocols as well as the guidance provided in EPA's publication Radon Measurement In Schools [EPA 402-R-92-014]. EPA protocols and guidance documents are available at

It is also advisable to develop a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) that will describe the steps you will take to ensure that the test results obtained during your radon testing project are meaningful and are properly documented. Quality Assurance Plan development assistance is available from Air Chek, Inc. as well. Contact Judy O’Loughlin at for details.


If you have any questions or are having technical difficulties, please contact us immediately by calling 800-247-2435 or 828-684-0893 and ask for Judy O’Loughlin or Eric Kuzniar. Thank you for choosing Air Chek, Inc.

1) Before you begin Radon Testing

2) Radon Test Device Placement and Retrieval

3) Data Collection and Reporting

4) Quality Control for Radon Testing

5) Follow-up radon testing

6) Final Project Reports

7) Related Documents